Our Bees

St. Ermin's has 300,000+ resident guests

The hotel is home to 300,000+ Buckfast bees, a good tempered honey bee, who reside in three custom-built hives on St. Ermin's' rooftop. These lucky bees have fantastic access to London's parks, all within their three mile flight radius, to collect a wide variety of pollen and nectar, which in turn gives their honey a truly delicious taste.

London is a perfect environment for bees, as aside from all the green spaces on the hotel's doorstep, cities actually trap heat, which mean they can start foraging earlier in the year than rural bees and continue later into Autumn. It has also been proved that keeping bees can help staff morale, so St. Ermin's' staff will be even more friendly and welcoming, than they were before.

These bees are the embodiment of local and seasonal produce that help the environment and people on so many levels. The honey they produce finds its way into various dishes throughout the hotel.

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