Practicing what we preach

At St. Ermin’s Hotel, we believe in investing in the future – particularly in our future workforce, and that is why we support The Prince’s Trust and have pledged to donate £10,000 this year. We appreciate the importance of employing skilled, experienced and most importantly – motivated people, which mirrors The Prince’s Trust’s ethos exactly. We also admire The Trust’s belief in treating everyone as an equal and providing grants and bursaries for talented young adults who are eager to gain sills and qualifications, but lack the financial wherewithal.

We are fortunate enough to have an ex beneficiary of The Prince’s Trust working with us.

Tom Walsh, who is Director of MICE Sales at St. Ermin's Hotel, tells his story:

I had always had a desire to work in the travel and leisure industry, but with no experience or qualifications, I was finding it difficult to get a foot in the door. I had heard about The Prince’s Trust from friends at school who were looking to get placements or enrolled on specialist courses – so in the autumn of 1996 I contacted them.

I was keen to get onto two courses in particular, ABTA Travel Agents Certificate and the British Airways Fares and Ticketing licence Level 1. As I was only working part-time I lacked the funds so applied to The Prince’s Trust for a grant  to enable me to apply.

Having applied, one of The Trust’s associates visited me to find out why I wanted the money and what I planned to use it for. Following this final part of the application process, I received my cheque and one month later had started on my two courses.

There was no way I could have attended these courses, and in turn kick-start my career without The Trust’s help and assistance. I am sure that my new qualifications played a major role in helping me secure my first professional job in the hospitality industry at Forte Hotels as a sales co-ordinator – not to mention my natural charm and aptitude!

I would urge anyone who does not the have the money, confidence or knowledge on how to start their adult professional life to contact The Prince’s Trust – 15 years on I am still in the hospitality industry, at St. Ermin's Hotel and more importantly – still loving it.

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