Turning negatives into positives!

My ambition is to ensure that each and every guest who stays at St. Ermin's Hotel is treated as an individual and that they leave with a smile on their face. I am however a realist and understand that sometimes issues arise which mean a guest can leave with negative feelings, without a chance for the Hotel to rectify the issue. Whilst we take great care in following and responding to our reviews on website sites such as trip advisor, we are well aware that more could be done to resolve issues immediately and preferably before a guest has left at the end of their stay.

We have therefore embraced 'www.comment-box.co.uk'.  A new feedback text service that enables guests to share their comments, negative or positive, with us instantly. Using this system, guests simply text their comments and we can quickly respond and resolve any concerns they may have, ensuring they leave happy after a satisfying stay.As most guests don't like filling in time-consuming feedback forms and often aren't keen on commenting face-to-face, the ability to send feedback via CommentBox is a useful option. It takes seconds and it can be anonymous if that is preferred. It is often the small things that make a big difference to a stay and guests usually won't mention the little things they like or dislike because they don't think it's worth the effort, but we want to know every 'little issue' so we can make that big difference.

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