From field to fork, from bean to brew - St. Ermin's launches its own coffee

Coffee _st _ermins _blend

Chef Sylvan Chevereau's commitment to serving the best in sustainable ingredients has now been brought to the (coffee) table.

The St. Ermin's Westminster Blend, now being served throughout the hotel, has been specially blended for the hotel by The Borough Coffee Co. Working closely with Borough Coffee Co, Sylvan is delighted with the blend, which is a complex balance of arabica coffees from around the world; a well-rounded, malty sweetness and notes of toasted almonds and is completed by a fruity acidity. It is smooth throughout with a prolonged milk chocolate finish. As well as the distinctly individual flavour all the beans are ethically-sourced from farms where quality matters and are roasted and delivered to the hotel within 5 days, guaranteeing maximum freshness!

For those guests who get a taste for 'The St. Ermin's Westminster Blend' - 125gm packets will be available to purchase from mid April at a price of £4.50

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