Meet our bees

St. Ermin’s’ bees have fantastic access to some of London’s major parks, all within a three-mile radius, where they collect a wide variety of pollen and nectar, giving their honey a truly delicious taste. Cities like London trap heat, meaning these bees can start foraging earlier than rural bees and continue later into autumn.

For the bees that do not live in the hives, there is the ‘Bee and Bee Hotel’. These special hexagonal suites offer a wide variety of bees a comfortable home; bamboo nesting areas and condominiums are for solitary bees such as leaf cutter bees, whereas the boxes are more suited to social varieties like the tree bumblebee. Following the hotel’s ethos that everyone is welcome, the ‘Bee and Bee Hotel’ is also home to helpful insects such as lacewings, ladybirds, earwigs, woodlice and spiders that can rest in peace amongst the crevice stacks.

Take a trip to the third floor and watch the hotel’s good-tempered 350,000 bees safely from behind glass, and see these industrious insects go about their daily business – making honey.