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Corgi Trail

Celebrating 70 years with 19 corgis

It is a well known fact that Her Majesty loves her corgis. So what better way to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee than by celebrating the Queen’s favourite canines? From 31st May through to the end of July, our local neighbourhood will host a special Corgi trail to mark this Historic Royal occasion.

We are excited to be part of this trail and have welcomed 'Sherry' the corgi to our work family. Sherry is one of the 19 Corgi artworks that have been created by a number of London Artists. Painted by street artist Dominika Karc, and named after one of the Queen's beloved pooches, Sherry stands guard outside our hotel entrance. From May 31st to July 31st locals and visitors are encouraged to follow the Corgi trail around the neighbourhood and look out for each unique corgi.
The Queen is well known for her love of dogs and corgis have become a recognised symbol of her 70-year reign. Her Majesty has owned an estimated 30 corgis, dorgis and other corgi mixes during this time. They have travelled with her by boat, helicopter, car, plane and train; sat with her for photographs and announced her arrival in a room. Three of her corgis famously walked with her to James Bond's waiting helicopter in the opening of the 2012 London Olympics with one of them doing a barrel roll on the carpet.
Sherry has been designed and painted by London Artist, Dominika Karc. Dominika is one of the 19 artists commissioned to create the collection. Some artworks have a traditional look, while others are inspired by the places the Queen has travelled, the outfits she has worn and some are simply the artists’ interpretations. Each corgi has a plaque alongside it which details the name of the artist and the inspiration behind the design. Sherry sports a geometric abstraction pattern in red, grey, white and black, inspired by British artist Bridget Riley. Riley is known for Op Art, short for optical art, it is a style of visual art that uses optical illusions. As expected from a street artist Dominika has used spray paint as a medium.