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Our Wedding Team

Friendly, experienced and hands-on.

Our experienced Wedding Events Team are passionate about their offering and believe it to be one of the most beautiful wedding venues in London. They understand that no two weddings are the same, and work hard to make sure your big day is the one you have always dreamt of. 

Meet Our Team

Our team are responsible for co-ordinating all of St. Ermin’s weddings, their exceptional organisational skills and hands on approach ensures everything runs smoothly. They work closely with all those involved, listening and advising but never imposing their own taste, guaranteeing that every wedding reflects the couple involved. They take a personal interest and are there every step of the way to ensure their day is the best it can be.

Based on their experience, our team has created this definitive guide for anyone planning their wedding. Follow their sound advice and enjoy a stress-free run up to your special day!

  • Boring but important… set yourself an estimated budget before you start planning. A firm idea of your limit will always help avoid unnecessary spending.
  • If negotiating isn’t a skill of yours, state your budget before asking for prices. This way the provider knows exactly what you are able to afford and are then more than likely to try to fit your budget.
  • Hotel wedding venues- always a brilliant way to cut costs, packages usually include all the vital wedding needs including décor and catering which is where most of the money is spent.
  • Some hotels offer discounted accommodation for guests and even an all-important wedding planner to assist with all the preparation and ensuring the day runs smoothly.
  • Book everything as far in advance as possible including venue and suppliers.
  • A word on guest lists… be strict with this, stick to close family and friends, save money and ensure your nearest and dearest have a really special day!
  • Attend wedding fairs! There are usually good deals to be had and they are also great for inspiration and a lovely day out.
  • Make a start on your seating plan early. This can take longer than expected to put together and can be one of the most stressful tasks.
  • Consider alternatives to the traditional top table and perhaps go for a centre table where you sit with your nearest and dearest. For example you could sit underneath a central chandelier or perhaps have a different tablecloth or a larger centrepiece. This can be a more social setting and more relaxed.
  • Flowers are a really important part of creating a beautiful setting for your wedding but can be very expensive. Why not offer them to guests to take away at the end of the day so they can be enjoyed for longer! At St Ermin’s we always ensure we have a stash of florists paper for people to wrap the flowers up to transport home.
  • Food is such an important part of your big day. Always insist on a full menu tasting to ensure you are 100% happy with what you and your guests will be served. Some hotels will include a food tasting session in your wedding package at no additional cost and can provide a helpful date for your and your partner to catch up!
  • Name your guest tables instead of numbering! This is a nice way to ensure your guests aren’t offended by being on table number 10 and adds a personal and humorous element to the day.
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune on drinks for your guests… remember they are your friends and are there to be part of your special day, not for a free bar. Hotels can include plenty of drink in their wedding package- a glass of Prosecco or Pimms during the reception, half a bottle of wine, a glass of Prosecco for the toasts etc and if you do want to treat your guests to more whilst still saving why not consider drinks packages? Unlimited drinks for a pre-agreed time limit.