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Fancy joining the family? We are always looking for people with a passion for hospitality to work with us. Our family motto is ‘Fun, Love & Energy’, because without these three ingredients we don't believe that people can make other people feel special, and that is what we try to do here on a daily basis.

Every member of our family goes out of their way to deliver genuine personal service from the heart. We make emotional connections with every guest, in order to make them feel individual and so allow them to be themselves. This same ethos extends to the way we treat everyone who works with us at St. Ermin’s.
We are proud to be listed #20 of The Caterer's Best Places to Work in Hospitality 2023. The award recognises employers who nurture their people and thereby create a healthy, thriving workplace.
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We are proud to have been accredited as a Living Wage Employer. Our Living Wage commitment will ensure everyone working at the St Ermin’s Hotel receives a minimum hourly wage of £11.95 for London, significantly higher than the government minimum for over 23s, which currently stands at £10.90 per hour. We also ensure all our partner agencies align with the London Living Wage.

“We’re truly delighted to be able to make this commitment, much delayed due to the pandemic and welcomed by all staff at the hotel. It recognises our philosophy as an employer and a business and underlines the importance of many of the traditionally low paid jobs in our industry.” 

St Ermin’s General Manager, Douglas McHugh

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