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Your Sustainable Stay

We're passionate about providing our guests the best travel experiences, including supporting and promoting conscious travel. During your stay at St. Ermin's you can rest assured that we are committed to reducing the impact of travel on the environment. 

Sometimes, our hands are tied, but we strive daily to adopt the best sustainable practices and products. As a conscious traveller, you may be interested in knowing what you can enjoy and support (conscience-free) during your stay at St. Ermin's. 

We are currently working towards a Green Key accreditation. 
We're an old building, which means we have character, but this poses challenges in terms of energy efficiency. We have implemented energy-efficient practices throughout our hotel operations, including using energy-saving technologies, efficient lighting, and HVAC systems. We just ask you to switch off the lights before you pop out.

Over to you - you decide if your towels or bed linen need to be changed. We will happily change your bedsheets and towels daily, but in the interest of saving energy, we will only do so when you want us to. Simply leave your wooden request card on your bed and your towels on the bathroom floor, and they will be changed.

Our luxurious White Company toiletries are supplied in dispensers to avoid single-use plastics. 

Water: Aluminium cans, contrary to popular perception, are better for the planet than both glass and plastic. That's why you'll find complimentary cans in your room.
Green spaces are rare on any London property. We protect and enhance our property's biodiversity by preserving every green space, planting native vegetation, and creating habitats for local wildlife. Our roof garden and bee terrace are a testament to this. 

Kitchen Garden: Our rooftop has been transformed into a fertile space where we grow produce that goes straight to our kitchens. Our team gets time out to forage and take inspiration for our menus. We follow organic principles in all our garden areas to ensure healthy plants and no pesticides. We combine green waste from our gardens with some food waste from the hotel kitchen, such as coffee grounds, to make compost onsite and rainwater is collected from the greenhouse to irrigate our kitchen garden. 

Bee Terrace: Take a trip to the third floor and watch our good-tempered 350,000 bees safely from behind glass. See these industrious insects go about their daily life, helping our environment and making delicious honey. For the bees and bugs doing their part for our society and that do not live in the hives, there is the 'Bee and Bee Hotel' 

Sustainable Purchasing: We prioritise the procurement of environmentally friendly and locally sourced products. We work with suppliers who share our sustainability values and promote the use of eco-friendly materials, organic and fair-trade products, and packaging with reduced environmental impact.
St. James’s Park: We are lucky to have 23-hectares of parkland on our doorstep. St. James’s Park is a rich mix of open grassland, reedbeds, wildflower meadows, and more than 1,200 trees. The lake, covering a fifth of the park, is an oasis for much wildlife, including over 40 species of water birds. As well as being a wildlife oasis, you can spot many famous landmarks from the park – from Buckingham Palace, the sweeping Admiralty Arch, to the ceremonial hotspot Horse Guards Parade. 

Getting around: Cycles and e-bikes are a fun way to explore London and also a great way to support sustainable travel. With Santander Cycles you can pedal your way round the city the good old-fashioned way, or take an e-bike with pedal assist to give you the potential to explore more of London without exerting more energy.

We have developed a sustainability policy to guide our actions and ensure that we contribute positively to the well-being of our planet and society.
Sustainability Policy

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St. Ermin’s’ roofs are literally alive with activity, bees producing honey and a kitchen garden providing fresh produce. 

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